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FAQ[ Rooms&Amenities ]read more

Q:Do you have non-smoking rooms?

Yes. All area in New Lodge is non-smoking area. Rooms in Main Lodge and Cottages are not specified as non-smoking.

Q:Are the rooms air-conditioned?

All area in New Lodge, Main Lodge, and Cottages are heated during cold season.
However, rooms do not have air conditionings for cooling, since the temperature in this area is low even during summer season.

Q:Can I use the Internet?

Yes, you can use the Internet via wired LAN in all rooms at New Lodge, and via public wireless LAN in New Lodge Lounge and Main Lodge Library.
Please bring your own devises.

Q:Can I watch TV in the room?

We have TVs at Sweet rooms at both New Lodge and Main Lodge, at Western-Style rooms with Bath and Toilet at Main Lodge, and Cottages.
(Digital terrestrial broadcasting is available: NHK General, NHK Educational, TV Kanagawa, YBS, TV Asahi, TV Yamanashi, Fuji TV, and TV Tokyo.)
There are no TV at both Japanese-Style and Western-Style Rooms (bath and toilet shared) at Main Lodge.

Q:Can I stay at a room with more than the maximum number of guests?

It is prohibited by the Fire Service Act to stay at a room more than the maximum number.
(Children below 4 years old are not included in the number.)

Q: I want to cook during my stay. Is there cooking equipment at Cottages?

Yes, we have general equipment for cooking at Cottages, including rice cooker, electric pot, kettle, microwave (not available at Japanese-Style Cabins), pots and pans, baskets, measure spoons and cups, bottle opener, can opener, plates, and bowls.
There are no seasonings. Please bring seasonings and foods.

Q:Are there amenities in the rooms?

Yes, we have amenities in the rooms.
[All rooms in New Lodge, rooms with bath and toilet in Main Lodge, and all Cottages]
Amenities are available, such as bath towel, face towel, shampoo, treatment, body soap, drier, toothbrush & toothpaste, tea set, nightwear (for adults), and slippers.
[Rooms without bath and toilet in Main Lodge]
Amenities are available, such as bath towel, face towel toothbrush & toothpaste, tea set, nightwear (for adults), and slippers.
NOTE: For groups, amenities are different from the above. Please ask for more information.

Q:Do you have "Yukata", Japanese style lounge wears, in the room?

Yes, we have free size gowns for adults.

Q:Is the restroom equipped with a washlet toilet attachment?

Yes, the restrooms at all rooms in New Lodge, sweet rooms in Main Lodge, and all Cottages are equipped with a washlet/ bidet attachment.

Q:Do you have safety bar for bed?

Sorry, we do not have safety bars for bed.
If you concern falling down from a bed, we can arrange another bed connected to your bed. Please ask our front staffs when reserving.

Q:Do you have humidifiers for lend?

Yes, we have some humidifiers, but in a limited number.

FAQ[ Meals ]詳しく見る

Q:We will arrive late at night. When is the last call at restaurant?

Our restaurant is closed by 21:00, and the last call is 19:30 for dinner.

Q: I have food allergies.

We will arrange you special dishes suitable for your allergies as much as possible.
Please ask our staff when reserving. We will not be able to prepare special dishes for those who do not have food allergies, doctor's guidance, or religious restrictions.

Q:Do you have Japanese dishes?

Japanese style is only available for breakfast.
Lunch and Dinner are in Western style.

Q:Can I have dinner at Main Lodge Restaurant that I used to go to?

We open our Main Lodge Restaurant only during Golden Week (late April to early May),
summer time, Christmas, Year-end, and New Year. We offer course menu for dinner at our Main Lodge Restaurant.

Q:Do you have Buffet Style dinner?

Yes, we serve buffet style dinner at New Lodge Restaurant during Golden Week (late April to early May), summer time (until September), Christmas, Year-end, and New Year.
Please note that we will change the styles, either buffet style or course menu, and the duration to serve dinner.

Q:Can I order a whole cake for occasions like birthdays?

Yes, we can arrange a whole cake. Please make your reservation one week prior to the dinner.
We cannot guarantee you to prepare a cake without reservation within a week.

Q:Can I bring food or drinks from outside?

Sorry, we cannot accept food from outside, except for baby food.
Any bottles of wind or drinks that you brought from outside will be charged 1,500 yen (including tax) per bottle.

Q:Can I add meals on the day of my stay?

Yes, but it would be only if there are vacancy at our restaurants.
Please note that there are some cases that we cannot prepare your meals depending on availability at the restaurant.
So, we recommend you to reserve earlier.

Q:Is there dress code at the restaurants?

No, there is no dress code at our restaurants.
However, we ask our guests not to wear slippers or gowns outside of the rooms.

Q:Do I have to make reservations at your restaurants?

Dinner and breakfast are available at New Lodge, and we basically recommend our guests to make reservations to make sure, since we can fix seats for the guests without reservation only when there is vacancy at restaurants.
Lunch is available at Main Lodge Restaurant, and we serve on a first-come-first-served basis, so you have no need to make reservations.
Please check our website for open and close hours and days.

Q:Can I have meals at my room?

Sorry, meals are only available at restaurants.

Q: Do you have room service?

Sorry, we do not offer room service at this moment.

Q:I am going to stay 2 nights at Seisen-Ryo. Do I have different menu for dinner?

Yes. You can choose one main dish from 3 ? 4 kinds for dinner, and we change our menus regularly.
So, if you are staying two nights, you can have different main dish every night.
Please note that we serve dinner in different style during Golden Week (late April to early May), summer time, Christmas, Year-end, and New Year.

Q:Can I bring my children to restaurant?

Yes. We have kids' menu.

FAQ[ Reservations ]詳しく見る

Q:Reservation inquiries

Please submit all reservation queries using the following form. We will then get back to you http://seisenryo.jp/en/contact/index.php

Q:How do I confirm my reservation?

Online reservations can be confirmed or cancelled via the following url: https://aps1.travel.rakuten.co.jp/portal/my/tp_en_confirm.login_form?f_no=29370

Q:When can I make a reservation at the earliest?

We receive reservations 6 months earlier of the stay.

Q:How can I reserve eleven or more rooms at once?

Click on the 'Contact ' link on our website, enter the intended date and duration of your stay, the number of guests and the number of rooms required then click the send button. We will then get back to you.

Q: What is your cancellations policy?

Yes. We ask our guests cancellation charge 7 days prior to the arrival.
[Cancellation Policy]
Within 7-10 days → 10% of the total amount
Within 3 days → 30%
Within 2 days → 30%
Within 1 day → 50%
On the day of arrival → 80%
Cancel without notice → 100%
*Example* If you make a reservation for April 8th and you cancel between April 1st to 4th, 10% of a total amount will be charged to you.

Note: Cancellation Policy for groups is different from individual guests.

Q:Can I get on a waiting list for reservations?

Sorry, currently we do not have a waiting list for reservations.

Q:Can I choose which room to stay?

Sorry, we cannot receive reservation for specific room number, although we ask our guests their room type preferences. We will reserve rooms according to the number of guests in your group.

Q:When do I pay for my accommodation?

We request your payment when your check out.

FAQ[ Access ]read more

Q:Do I need to bring winter tires or snow chains during winter?

Yes, please prepare to bring your winter tires or snow chains in case of snow or ice on the roads from December to April, for Seisen-Ryo is located in 1400m above sea level.

Q: I cannot locate Seisen-Ryo on my car navigation system.

Some navigation systems tend to indicate different locations from the actual location. Please also check with your map.

Q:My arrival may be delayed. What time does the hotel reception desk close?

The hotel reception desk is open until 22:00 but please contact our lodge directly if you expect to arrive late.

FAQ[ others ]read more

Q:Can I pay in advance with my credit card?

Sorry, we do not accept any payments in advance.

Q:Which Credit Cards can be used?

We accept following credit cards; VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, DC, UC, and SAISON.

Q:What language do I use in your lodge?

Several front staff can speak only English and Japanese.

Q:Do you take my baggage before checking in at Seisen-Ryo?

Yes, we take your baggage at the front desk before check-in time. Rooms are available from 14:00.
Check-in Time: 14:00~
Check-out Time: ~10:00

Q:I want to send my baggage to Seisen-Ryo before my arrival.

Please send your baggage to the following address, with your name, and staying date.
To: Front desk at Seisen-Ryo New Lodge
3545 Kiyosato Takane Town Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 407-0311(Tel 0551-48-2111)
* We cannot accept baggage with valuables, breakables, and items that require temperature control.

Q:Can I take my pets with me?

Any animals are not acceptable at Seisen-Ryo, regardless of type or size, except for guide dogs and service dogs.

Q:Are there any paths around Seisen-Ryo to hike?

Yes, there are several courses with the length varied from 40 minutes to 3 hours according to your preference.

Q:Can I use Onsen (Hot Spring) just as a visitor?

Sorry, our Onsen is currently available only for our guests who stay at Seisen-Ryo.

Q:How is mobile reception at Seisen-Ryo?

Basically, mobile reception is in a good condition at Seisen-Ryo, however, the reception is not stable for some carriers or at some part of Seisen-Ryo.

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